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[10 Nov 2011|11:46am]
So yesterday I got a photo of the 3 cats sleeping on the bed.

The cats are still hissing at each other, Lucy getting in her fair share of hissing now. I was watching TV this morning and Lucy came up on to the bed for some snuggles. Ezra was glaring in disbelief at us. I guess that with time the snarling will die down, I don't think they are actually pulling out their claws.
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[15 Aug 2011|07:02pm]
I went to the drugstore earlier today to get Benadryl and calamine lotion... we went up north this weekend and I got bitten by bugs. I have a few red clustery patches on the back of one leg, and a few in other spots. Ugh until I got the Benadryl and calamine I was going crazy. It's still itchy, but it's feeling better.

I had today off, it's my 3-day weekend. I had no plans, and wasn't on the internet yet, I had a nice few quiet moments in the garage, thinking about how I would arrange stuff. I had been placing things, like tools, the lawnmower, my bike and and other stuff around the perimeter, but I want to be more efficient and hang some stuff off the floor so that I don't have to lean over something to get something else out. One side has a workbench, there are 3 windows, so I can't decide where to hang the garden tools. Not like it's a pressing issue, but it was nice to do nothing this morning and clear my head, to just enjoy the moment instead of rushing through.

I went out on my bike, it's been raining on and off throughout the day. I was delayed a bit at the mall because it was pouring down rain when I wanted to leave. I sat and waited, then realized I could go get the rest of the stuff I needed to make chili, so then I did that and it wasn't raining and so I went home.

Mr. Kitten is still being kept away in his bedroom. I let him out for a few hours at a time when I'm watching TV, puttering around the house, or when I'm trying to sleep in. I have let him out at 7am and gone back to bed, just to have some peace and quiet, which doesn't really work, because he comes and plays and how can I sleep through that?

Well I have put some veggie chili in the crockpot, and I think I will head out again on my bike, maybe shopping, maybe to just bike around.

Ugh I didn't watch any Coronation St. last week, I will have to sit down and watch a few tonight on the PVR.
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slow cooking [11 Oct 2010|03:29pm]
Cooking a prime rib roast in the slow cooker. It's 0.8 kg, so not huge, but more than 1 person can eat. I found mixed reviews of how to prepare it on the internet. 2 sites said "slow cooker is fine, sear it first to make it flavourful though" and the rest of the internet was "zomg do it in the oven instead, slow cooker is a waste" however it sounded complicated, eg start baking at 500 F for 20 min then x min per lb for a maximum of who knows how long.

(Now that I think about it, a further complication is that my household amenities are all in Fahrenheit temperatures, whereas the meat comes with a metric weight on the package. So when I cook meat, I have to translate the kg into lb in addition to any math for degrees per weight per time. I tried making a little chart translating cooking times into kg, but then I found all kinds of conflicting info on the internet about even meat cooking times, so I give up for the time being)

This is what I did, I followed what this Yahoo Answers answerer had to say. I seared it on the pan first with butter, to brown it, put my boyfriend's steak spices on it, threw it in the slow cooker with a cup of water, beef oxo packet, a half an onion cut up, and 2 garlic cloves cut up. I may not do the garlic cloves next time because I didn't like the smell of them when I opened the lid to put in the meat thermometer, so I flicked them off the meat into the broth, maybe I wasn't supposed to chop em up. My mom never used garlic. However the onions seemed a 100% natural thing for me to do. So it should be in the slow cooker for 6 hours or so now, seems simpler than babysitting it in the oven and changing temperature etc.

I am enjoying the slow cooking - I did a cottage roll a couple of weeks ago and it was FABULOUS. We consumed it in one day, I had figured for the size of meat, it would last a couple days. Again, I looked up on the internet and found lots of info but ended up doing less of what they said. They said that for a New England Boiled Dinner, you should pre-soak the cottage roll (basically brined pork) to leach some of the salt out before cooking. I was in a bit of a tizzy so I threw the meat & veg into the damn thing for awhile and it was great. The broth was indeed scummy looking but it tasted great so I didn't care.
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[29 Apr 2009|01:38am]
I heard this interview with Bob Barker. It was a bit magical to hear him speak - he had a lot of broadcasting experience prior to The Price Is Right, and sounds like an intelligent guy. It was interesting to hear him say "creating entertainment with unrehearsed audience participation" or something. It looked like a game show, but he had a science behind it. Also he liked to pick diverse ages and races to be in the audience... it was really interesting.

Bob's interview begins at 21:00. Also at 1:40, there is a discussion about the life of Bea Arthur. It's the same interviewer who interviewed Billy Bob Thornton, but these interviews went way better lol
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[28 Apr 2009|06:36pm]
During August 2008 I was not on a computer 24/7 due to being on vacation, so I missed this. Here you go

Kermit Bale
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[09 Apr 2009|11:21am]
LOL at you, Billy Bob Thornton. LOLOL. Bringing our little CBC Radio show all kinds of international media attention

video of the interview

Rolling Stone


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[21 Sep 2008|11:01pm]
I had fun listening to this song tonight, I had forgotten about it, and found it somewhere on my hard drive. It's from 1982 I think. :) Listen for the bass drop before the start of the last chorus. There's thumpy and analoggy bass. I won't go any more Alan Cross than that, but it's a happy fun song.

Stephen Duffy - Kiss Me

heh this one should sound familiar if you watched Global's News At Noon in the Bob McAdorey days - it was their bumper music. A few years later, someone played it off vinyl at their house - I was in shock, but then I was able to find out what it was called:

Nik Kershaw - One Of Our Fruit Machines Is Missing
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[10 Aug 2007|07:16pm]
I am tired. I would say TGIF, but I have to work tomorrow.

that is all.
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[24 Jul 2007|10:40am]
My mouth is not hurting, but it feels like it's beginning to hurt. after all that yesterday. >:(
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[16 Jul 2007|07:34am]
I am wondering if I am imagining things or not.

When I worked at my summer job, we typically had this type of shift written down on our sched: 9-5 11-7 12-8 etc. So you would spend a total of 8 hours at work, maybe 7 or 7 1/2 doing actual work, but 30 or 60 min for unpaid lunch.

At my work right now, last week, I worked till 7:30, it's a new sched for me. I assumed I'd come in for 11:00 or 11:30. I was formally told to come in at 10:30. I thought it was odd, but it seems they want their 8 solid hours of work from us, and we spend that 9th hour on lunch.

So I'm not sure if it's typical to spend 8 hours a day at work, or 9. *confused*
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[06 Jul 2007|12:38am]
Where's Friday? Who's got Friday? Is there a Friday anywhere nearby, around here? I need one soon.
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[02 Jul 2007|11:46am]
I just realized I got rid of a box that my cat liked to snuggle up inside of. I feel somewhat bad for depriving my cat of... I dunno, her chosen sleeping place.
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[01 Jul 2007|11:37am]
happy canada day peoples!
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[26 Jun 2007|11:50pm]
I cut my hair... I cut it myself, I'm cheap and a bit of a control freak...

anyhow I cut about 2" off it so it's a bit longer than shoulder length. Thing is, I parted it off to the side just for a change, and heh it shows more of my grey hair now. LOL.

I also went for a yearly physical, which has gained a new meaning for me: time for the blood test for cholesterol & diabetes (now that I'm over 35)

holy crap I AM gettnig old.
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[24 Jun 2007|08:35pm]
well I had fun at the volunteer TV baseball thingy. On the way home, I read the Eye mag that I had not picked up before, and Alain Caron is playing tonight sssshhhhhhheeeeeeeiiiiiiiitttttttt! Oh well, I've seen him play twice already, I do want to see John Scofield play, he's playing this week... w00t.

I must clean up my apartment, I'm just going to start and try not to stop. I'm a bit tired, not like a day of work, well it was, but it was volunteer working, so they can't fire you so it's more fun. Also people who are mostly young, etc., banter, fun stuff. So I am a bit more energized than normal... well... maybe not really really, but I haven't had the life sucked out of me... at least not by a day at work anyhow. My winamp has stopped working possibly due to its being outdated, so I might have to plug in the CD player if I want some housecleaning tunes. :/
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[22 Jun 2007|10:35pm]
So why do Macs come with the shittiest mice?

The mac at work, its original mouse, is one of those one-button dealies and as an added bonus, it has these 2 side buttons that when you do a pinching motion, it does this screen-dim-and-all-the-windows-shrink stupid thing that drives me nuts. At first, I didn't know why it was doing that. I found it impossible to get a good grip on the thing without pushing both buttons.

WIth all the R & D that goes into developing a mac, you'd think they'd put some thought into the mouse as well.

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[19 Jun 2007|01:15pm]
well I'm subbing in for someone else for a week... and I'm rather liking being in the driver's seat somewhere different. I worked hard last week getting my photoshop chops in shape (and MacOs X chops too for that matter) and it feels good to be doing well, without exasperated voices on the other end of the phone (so far)

also I'm listening to my iPod, cranked, to block out a loud person talking to the lady next to me (sigh) and I'm enjoying my New Order a little closer up and louder than I'm used to - my other earbuds are not as shove-in-the-ear-tight as these ones are. I like Waiting for the Siren's call, heck I like 'em all. But I figured out how to make a playlist, so I'm listening to my fave tracks of various New Order albums. The weekend was a little weird what with not much sleep, but this morning the music has put me an a really good mood.

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[06 May 2007|06:07pm]

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

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[27 Apr 2007|09:35am]
ugh... it was cold yesterday - 8C - it was 17-20ish earlier this week, and I hate my winter coat by now, so I tried to do without it yesterday and it was COOOLLLDDD!

Earlier in the week I broke out the sandals and the "global warming" clothing - my summer sleeveless cotton blouses. I started wearing them 3-4 summers ago, because for me, the difference between knit fabrics and woven is night and day, once it gets above 25C. Before that, cotton T-shirts were fine all summer, except one time I was with my then BF driving to Nashville or somewhere in the summer.... ugh I was dying in teh car with my T-shirt.

It's supposed to be 17C today, but rainy... we shall see if I wear sandals or not... I hate wearing socks.
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[24 Apr 2007|12:37am]
How have I not understood that this Chemical Brothers album, that I would like it so much? LOL I got it when my friend was dumping a bunch of CDs that she got given, that she doesn't listen to, and ha I like it quite a bit. I mean I'd heard of them, but never heard the album... I want more like it (Come With Us is the album)

Though listening to it as tired as I am, feels like I'm at a party
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