I feel like I'm missing out

on life

I live with my boyfriend, our little son, and 2 cats in damp, cold, humid, hot Southwestern Ontario. I work in the media, so the people with the marketing surveys in the mall won't let me answer their surveys.

I work with computers doing art, for a living, and for fun. I studied visual art at university then I did TV production at college.

I have a bunch of keyboards and I make electronic music. I'm trying to learn to play the fiddle. I know, those things don't seem to go together, but I was exposed to a lot of Celtic music when I was a kid so awhile ago I decided to learn to play the fiddle. I do sewing, knitting and a few other crafty things. In the past, I went out regularly to the SCA, but my boyfriend has little interest in it, one of these days I'll make it out to an event again.